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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Detox Your World

When I lived in Tokyo, I really felt the effects of the density of city dwelling. For one year, I was able to keep a regimen of juicing once a week, living on fruit and vegetable juice instead of solids.

It made a huge difference.

What's toxic in your environment? Do you smoke? Stop. Does someone around you smoke? Find a way to neutralize the effect.

Are you eating purely? Stop the junk, the additives, the artificials. Get back to basics, eating what's fresh, and unprocessed.

Air. Water. Food.

Once you've done that, consider your visual and sonic environments. Are you greeted by pleasant views and soothing sounds at home? If not, fix it.

The modern world can be a toxic place. The more we can detox it, the happier we'll be. We can't all live in Bali, but we can make where we are a bit more like paradise.

Try it. You'll be happier.

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