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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do What You Love (and Love What You're Doing)

Lots of TV shows have been built on the premise that people will do some pretty distasteful things for the chance to win money (think "Fear Factor"). It's easy to laugh at them, right? I mean, who would do something they didn't like, just to get money?

Ummm... Most of us?

I've written before about working less, even if it means less money. "Money can't buy happiness," they say. And yet it seems a lot of people trade happiness in order to get money. Why not reverse that: give up some money to get increased happiness?

My dad (like most dads and moms) is a hero in many ways. One thing stands out, though: when my older brothers started school, my dad was working "swing shift," and realized that he wouldn't see my brothers most of the week. So he changed jobs, taking a significant pay cut, just to work "days" so he could see "his boys" (and after me, a girl).

That's heroic.

Or, how about doing something you love even if it means less money?

Find something you love to do and, no matter the pay, you'll come out on top. As Albert Schweitzer said, "If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

So do what you love (and love what you're doing).

You'll be happier.

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