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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get a Second Opinion

This week I've had my students peer-editing each others' writing. It's amazing how much easier it is to find problems with the work of others than to find our own faults!

The problem, as I've written before, is that we aren't always so good at detecting our own blind spots (that's why they're called "blind spots"). The most professional of doctors will often call for a second opinion; why shouldn't we do the same?

Not sure what to do at work? Run it by a colleague, or the boss.

Quandary in your personal life? Discuss it with a trusted friend or family member.

Got a DIY project going? Call on that contractor buddy for advice.

Heck, here in the Internet age, post it on a forum, or put it in a tweet, or ask your Facebook friends. There'll be no shortage of opinions! And they may think of something you missed.

Of course, this brings up another very important point: The final decision is yours. Sort through the advice you're given and find the nuggets of gold; wash away the rest.

"Two heads are better than one": use 'em both, and you'll be happier.

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